I was called to Gilberdyke to resolve a fault for the customer but while I was there they brought my attention to their incoming line which had some time ago been fixed to the end wall of the building.  They decided on an extension and they asked their provider to move the incoming line and they were prepared to pay for the work to be done but much time was wasted and their provider never got on with the work and their builders could wait no longer and the tiles were put on the new extension.  Happily the wire poked out under one of the tiles and their service was not disconnected.  

But the line went through a tree which was getting ever bigger and their was no doubt that the line was chafing against a tree branch.  So when I turned up it probably was the right time to disconnect the line, pull it out from under the tiles, untangle it from the tree while the customer lopped a few branches off to ease it's journey through the tree.  The picture below shows the line with an unobstructed route through the newly trimmed tree.

Then I was able to reattach the incoming line to the new end wall of the property and connect it up to the existing line.  Everything was tested and working again and now they have no need to fear that the line will ever part company with the house.