I called in yesterday on a customer who I have done work for previously.  They asked me if I could reconnect the telephone line to their alarm as it was highlighted on the annual check that the telephone line was no longer connected.  So I turned up not knowing what to expect and the lady of the house pointed out to me where she thought the problem was.  She pointed out to me from the ground a couple of cut cables high on the wall.      When I got up my ladder I could see that the Big Telephone company employee had really gone to town with his cutters and there were four ends of cable with no hint of where they went.  So I checked at the master socket where the alarm connection should have been and the Big Telephone engineer had even removed that!  The wire was also cut short of the master socket so I couldn't even reuse it!  So I was left with no other option than to run another cable between the alarm and the master socket so that it can be reconnected by the alarm company.

I'm always grateful for work but it's always surprising that a lot of my work comes through the inadequacies or laziness of some other engineers.  I should be thankful for them, they've helped me make a career out of it.  If you need telecoms or datacomms work doing ask a local Ex-BT telephone engineer.