A new optician in Selby asked me to get there asap as they had been let down by the people that had installed all of their network cabling.  Although the cabling had been installed the contractor didn't want to (or didn't know how to) get the satisfaction of finishing the job and getting it all working.  So I had the task of terminating and testing all of the wiring.  Which is something to be a bit wary about especially when I have personally not installed the cables, however in this case the Electricians had done a good job and there was not a problem with any of the cabling.   I used double RJ45 outlets and marked them up to ensure that it was possible to tell what went where.  

I had to add and cable up a couple of new ports which were not in the original plan and I had to make an island desk in the middle of a floor live which I accomplished using a piece of round white trunking so that I could drop the cables down from the ceiling.

Once all of the sockets were terminated I set about providing the cabinet where all of the cables originated.  I terminated all of the cables on the patch panel and tested all the ports to ensure continuity.  I sourced the cabinet, patch panel, and 24 port switch and when I left it it was all ready to be plugged into the broadband and i had to leave the customer instructions on how to do that.  

BT were meant to install Infinity in the premises and while I was there I saw the Engineer looking at the job but as usual there was a problem and the installation was delayed.  Hence I could not plug the switch into the router and I had to leave the customer instructions on how to proceed.

If you need network cabling in your home or premises at short notice give me a call, I do have plenty of assistance that I can call upon if you need something in a rush, ring 0800 612 8410 or 01904 425952.  Ideally give me a bit of notice and we can plan the job and I can order all of the bits in advance but I do always carry a minimum of 500 metres of internal cat5e cable and a minimum of 300 metres of double insulated external cat5e cable plus at least 40 euromodules, two patch panels and plenty of faceplates.  If you prefer the idea of future proofing I can just as easily use cat 6 cable.