Up until this year when a customer asked me to install additional Wi-Fi coverage in their home or office I would simply run a cable from the existing router to the location that was a dead Wi-Fi zone and there I would connect a wireless access point.  That would give the customer additional Wi-Fi where required but it has it’s limitations.  Smart phones are pretty smart but they fall down in one area.  If you were say working next to your main router and you moved to the area where the wireless access point was you would find your phone would try and hold onto the first Wi-Fi signal while it was still viable but it would be very slow.  Only when that signal was virtually non-existent would your phone look for an alternative source.  If the phone is in the situation of still hanging onto the furthest router I usually advise customers to turn the Wi-Fi on their phone off and then on again and it will take stock and attach to the stronger signal.

However now there is a better way to do it.  Mesh routers are available.  What the routers do is make it easy for you to form a network initially and that can be wired or wireless depending upon distance involved.  So in the situation above moving around a house the routers themselves would choose the most appropriate one to serve you depending upon where you were.

If you live in an average size house then Tenda Mesh routers will be suitable as up to six units can be used.  Administration of the units is performed through a phone app and one by one you can add additional Mesh routers as required depending upon the size of your home up to a maximum of six units.

If the area that you are considering is much larger then TP-Link do Mesh routers which link together with a device known as a ‘Cloud Controller’.  This initially serves to link new routers into the Meshed network and once set up can be used to do any administration necessary.  The TP-Link network will extend to 50 units but they must all be wired from a central point.

If you think that a Mesh solution would make life easier for you then please contact me and I will happily discuss your requirements and give you a quote. Please ring me on 07940 817925 or email allmodcomms@gmail.com