During these Covid 19 times an additional strain is put on household broadband.  Everyone picks up their phone to check on FB, WhatsApp, Email, the news, the papers, endless surfing, gaming and working from home.  Additional strain is put on the connection, especially if it is slow due to your distance from civilisation or the nearest fibre cabinet. 

There is an answer to get decent speeds if you live out in the country namely 4G.  That is the internet provided by the mobile signal and not having to rely on old copper telephone cables.  We use a high gain directional 4G aerial which amplifies whatever signal is available so there is no comparison to what your mobile phone might pick up.  We offer a survey for £70 which determines which the best 4G provider is in your vicinity and what the best download speed is available.  Should you decide to go for the full installation then the installation of the equipment is a further £530.  We have never yet been unable to find a signal but depending upon location the 4G signal available can vary between 10 megabytes and 120 megabytes download speed.

The only other ongoing cost involved is the SIM card and we would recommend a package giving unlimited data.  Such packages from 3 cost £24 per month or EE for example cost £35 per month.

That will give you an internet feed to your property that could be say plugged into a PC or a laptop.  Should you want Wi-Fi we strongly recommend and fit Mesh Wi-Fi equipment.  Mesh Wi-Fi can give you total coverage of your home or premises with no dead zones.  Depending upon the area that you want to cover, these units cost £85 per unit and each give 2000 square feet of coverage.  Naturally their range is affected by the thickness and composition of walls and floors so one has to be careful where they are positioned and sometimes additional cables have to be run to guarantee coverage. 

I have no problem with working outside to initially do the survey, then to fix the aerial and external cabling but am very wary during the current pandemic of working inside and either bringing the infection into your environment or picking up the infection.  So obviously I will work with PPE and social distancing and I would ask that you vacate areas where I am working.

If you would like a survey then please contact Ralph Jackson on 07940 817925 or email allmodcomms@gmail.com