So starting from this.

1.         Loosen the screw in the bottom of the case, so that the head clears the case, when you can just see the narrower thread.  At this point with the phone in the orientation in the picture you will be able to remove the case upwards by grabbing the case at the screw end and at the opposite end.  You may have to push the switch hooks down or in.

2.         You will need to remove the wall bracket so that you can attach it to the wall.  It is possible to release the screw that fixes the phone to the bracket without removing the grommet for the handset cord.  But if you need to release the grommet take the handset cord grommet and slide it to one side and then you can take it out of the hole in the casing.  Don’t strain the wires hanging out of the grommets.

3.       You will see that the wall bracket has four holes in it, using it as a template, drill and plug the wall and fix the bracket squarely.


4.         At the ends of the T bracket you can see hooks which are designed for the holes at the top of the case to hang over.  Get both hooks engaged in the holes at the top of the case. 

5.     Engage them like so.


6.     Once the phone is hanging on the T bracket correctly the bottom of the bracket houses a captive nut and there is a captive bolt already in the bottom of the phone sticking out at the back, it should not be difficult to locate it in the captive nut and now it’s just a case of tightening it up.  It is possible to do it without releasing the grommets holding the handset cord as previously stated.

7. When you have finished tightening, replace the Handset cord grommet and then replace the telephone cover in the reverse way that you released it.  If the switch hooks do not pop up it may be because the phone was lying on it’s back and they may have engaged with a test mechanism and be locked down, in which case you will have to remove the cover and release them.

Then you should have something like this.