I was surprised to be called in by a firm of electricians to help out with a Telecomms problem on one of their installations.  I have no doubt that some electricians can do Telephone wiring but unfortunately there is too much confidence from some electricians.  "After all it's only two wires".  I wouldn't pretend that I could wire up a distribution board, I think it should be horses for courses, if you want a telephone problem sorting get an ex-BT engineer to sort it out for you.

Anyway that's enough drum beating for the moment.  When I turned up at the property the new owner was actually moved in and was frustrated not to have a telephone service.  I pulled apart the telephone socket which was in the form of a module and I found the terminations as in the photo below.   Rather than terminate the existing telephone wires direct on the Insulation Displacement Connector with a Krone tool, the electrician had shoved 1mm copper wires into the terminations so that he could use his screw connectors to termate two telephone cables and had expected it to work like that.  The idea of the Krone connection is that it allows a quick termination with a punch down tool without having to bare the insulation on the wire.  The Telecomms field did away with Screw connections which this electrician obviously preferred in the 1990's.

I replaced the telephone module with new one and everything was in working condition when I left the premises and I'm happy to sort any other electrician's problems out if I am needed.