I’ve written articles before promoting the installation of 4G aerials to give broadband in rural locations for those of us who do not have a decent broadband speed provided via phone lines.  It is quite a labour intensive installation; generally two of us get involved.  We need firstly a survey to establish that there are any 4G signals in your neck of the woods.  We tell you on the day what download speeds we have been able to achieve and which mobile provider you need to get a SIM card from.  Or you could use our recommended supplier Simpatico who do an unlimited EE SIM card for £27 plus VAT per month. Then when you have been able to get the SIM card we return a week or two later to complete the install.  Including the cost of the equipment we charge from £70 for the survey and then from £750 to install the aerial. 

However if you run a business we have discovered that you can actually get the installation for nothing together with ‘whole home Wi-Fi’ if you want it.  The scheme is run by Digital Enterprise and is funded by the European Union Development Fund.  Being European I thought like you that’s going to run out shortly but the manager of the scheme assured me that they have funding in place until 2023.

To find out more take a look at www.digitalenterprise.co.uk where the scheme is fully explained.  But basically they will issue Connectivity+ Vouchers to a maximum value of £3000. 

So if you want you could in addition to 4G get Wi-Fi to cover your premises plus network cabling, just let your imagination be the limitation( up to £3000).

Since Covid-19 and the various lockdowns and tiers the demand for these grants has skyrocketed with more people wanting to work from home.  So nowadays the waiting time for the grant has shot up from two weeks to something like ten weeks but the wait is worth it as the grant can pay for equipment and labour. 

If you visit the website there is an eligibility checker as a first step before you fill in an application to check whether it’s worth your while spending any time on the matter. 

 Then all you have to do is contact me to arrange a survey to see whether 4G is available and worthwhile pursuing in your location.  Call Ralph in York on 07940 817925.