Today I went to Eggborough as a customer had reported to me that their dog had chewed the telephone plug and knocked the broadband off.  From the photo below I couldn't really see why, as the ADSL cable looks undamaged, so I made arrangements to pop in this afternoon.   

When I got to site the first thing that I did was to check for dial tone on the master socket and sure enough there was none.  I had spotted the black cable below the window pane in the photo but the customer told me it was something to do with an alarm.  However he had been told wrong and the black cable was the incoming line.  The three crimps on it were to repair previous damage possibly caused when the new door was fitted.   So the dog had not only caused the damage visible in the photo but he had also had a chew at the crimps and the flat extension cable whose telephone connector is at the bottom of the picture, which connected a telephone at the other side of the doorway.  

So to avoid problems in the future I joined the incoming line under the carpet to a new piece of cable, moved the line to the other side of the doorway next to the router and power socket.  I also tidied up the loose wires so the dog didn't have anything else to chew on.  

At that point I go around to test everything to make sure everything is working but the dog had the last laugh as although I had connected the line to the upstairs phone and my test phone worked in it the customers phone didn't.  I visually checked the phone cord and sure enough it had not missed out on chew damage.  

If you want to make your phone line dog proof or need some dog damage repairing please give me a call on 0800 612 8410.