I had 20 months previously repaired the telephone line at this customers premises as they had unfortunately cut the cable where it went through a large bush.  It's amazing how Telephone wires look like branches.

They called me back because they seemed to be getting strange announcements from their phone and they couldn't figure out where they were coming from.  They had tried to report it to their phone provider but they had diagnosed an internal problem.  

I plugged my testing phone into their master socket and lifted the receiver and as well as hearing dial tone I got a recorded announcement in an american accent.  "Your phone may be plugged into the incorrect phone port, please try the other port etc, etc" and mentioned a weather station. The announcement repeated itself and eventually ended but was unlikely to be something generated within their premises.  I checked where the line first arrived at their house and disconnected the internal wiring just in case something had gone rogue on one of their extensions.  That proved the strange announcement was coming from their phone providers network, I presume another line which had some weather station equipment on it was in contact with my customers line.   So I rang the phone provider to report the fault from the customers phone so that they could hear the problem.  They didn't take much convincing that the line was faulty and they rang us back on a mobile so that we could converse about the problem.  When they tested the line they could actually see a fault and they made arrangements with the customer to come and sort it out.  So It wasn't a problem that I could sort but at least with my experience the phone provider took the problem a stage further and did diagnose a fault.  If you have a strange phone problem please give me a call on 0800 612 8410 to discuss it and I'll come and sort it out.