During these trying Covid 19 times when you’re advised to stay in to avoid contact with anyone that might be a carrier the last thing that you may want to happen is for the telephone line to go faulty.  I know that many people nowadays only use the phone line as a method of receiving their broadband, but there is still an older generation that do still prefer a 'land line'.

During more normal times you would report the line as faulty and a telephone engineer such as myself would visit you and sort out the problem.  Very soon however we may all be in a ‘lockdown’ state and you won’t want me to visit and I won’t be able to visit you.

In that situation all is not lost, just in case you have an internal fault it’s worth removing the front plate on your master socket (there are instructions in your telephone directory).  If you plug the phone and/ or router into the ‘test socket’ and they spring back into life then leave them there and make a note to self to get the problem sorted when the ‘all clear’ for social contact is given. If that doesn’t sort out the problem and if you depend upon the phone line for phone calls then your telephone company can forward your calls to your mobile phone until such a time when someone could visit to sort out the problem. 

Some faults which affect the phone line do still allow broadband to work although at a reduced speed but at least you’re still connected.  In the dire circumstances where the broadband is off altogether then you could either buy a dongle (which is basically a USB device with the ability to connect to mobile broadband which you plug into your computer).  Alternatively if you have a mobile phone with a decent mobile data allowance you could make it into a hotspot (where it creates a Wi-Fi signal and allows other devices to logon to that data source) and share the data that way. 

We’re all going to have to suffer a bit over the next few months and I hope that I’ve eased the pressure on you a bit.  Should you need my services when we get the all clear please give Ralph Jackson on 01904 425952.