The speed of broadband often dictates where people and businesses consider relocating. Unfortunately despite reassurances to the contrary if you are not within 4 miles of the nearest exchange, fibre cabinet or on a new estate which is being supplied by Optical Fibre then you will have to make do with a pitiful broadband download speed.  

Relocating to a rural location is often the dream but if the purchaser needs broadband to be present then their choices can be limited.

That is until now, as we are able to offer 4G supplied broadband.  You may be asked to consider premises where there is barely a mobile telephone signal and understandably don’t think 4G is an option but we use high gain directional aerials.  They are placed at a high point on an outside wall and do produce results where nothing else is available.  

The download and upload speeds available depend upon distance to the local 4G mast, whether the 4G mast is in direct line of sight, whether trees are an obstacle or how high the aerial can be located.  We have always had results so far ranging from 25 Mb download to 88 Mb download.  In comparison to the meagre speeds available on copper wired broadband this can be life changing. 

Deals are available from EE, 3, O2 and Vodafone for unlimited data from £20 to £35 depending upon length of contract. 

To take advantage of what we are offering please get in touch and we will come out and do a survey.  We charge £70 for the survey and if subsequently there is a decision to take on our proposals then we will discount the installation by £70.

Given that you then have a reliable broadband connection we are in a position to offer whole home Wi-Fi.  

To find out more please contact us on 0800 612 8410