We are getting more and more experienced with 4G broadband installs, We did two before Christmas and this week we will have done two since christmas.  In every case so far EE has been the best 4G broadband signal available.  It strikes me that all of the mobile broadband providers have masts well spread out throughout our region but EE's seem to offer a better 4G mobile speed.  In order to further the offer of superfast broadband to anyone in the locality we are offering free surveys.  The charge for them will be £70 unless we can not get a 4G broadband signal at all.  Assuming we can get a decent broadband signal then the £70 will be treated as a credit should the customer actually go ahead and place an order for a 4G aerial.  Once we have got a decent broadband to their premises they are welcome to take advantage of our Wi-Fi services to distribute the internet around their home.   We can aso offer a temporary high speed internet connection for any sort of event that you might like to organise just give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you would like to improve your broadband speed then please give us a call on 01904 425952.