Following a successful survey which suggested that a rural customer who was existing on 4 megabytes download and 0.3 megabytes upload speed would be able to get 45 megabytes download and 25 megabytes upload the customer contacted me to book the installation.  We turned up last Monday to his site not far from Wetwang and we proceeded to install the equipment to make his 4G dreams a reality.  We also installed a bridge to send the internet to another part of his site.  My lad proceeded to run all of the cables and fix the hardware up on the outside of the building while I did the technical stuff sat comfortably in the house.  To finalise the installation I went back on Tuesday and got it all working.  The speeds didn't disappoint and lived up to what I had seen during the survey and even exceeded them by another 10 megabytes.

We had done a neat installation outside, the device on the right above the CCTV camera is the 4G aerial and the device to it's left is one half of the bridge which takes the internet over to some outbuildings.  

In this case EE proved to be the best signal by far but when we do a survey we will try EE, 3, Vodafone and O2 to select the strongest signal where you are.

Please give me a call on 0800 612 8410 to book your free survey.