I’ve previously written about 4G broadband as a solution to rural properties that can only get minimal broadband  speeds via copper cable.  I think a lot of people saw it as an alternative to Fibre broadband which it is not.  The costs involved as a monthly rental can be in the same ball park with Fibre depending upon what additions you need.  But the initial install costs for a 4G dish involve several man hours spent first locating the best signal during the survey.  Then returning to install a bracket to hold the aerial, cabling to wherever the broadband is needed and then configuring the equipment to work effectively.  Hence the installation costs are over £500

Once I have installed a decent broadband speed then I can offer additional services such as a mesh Wi-Fi system to offer truly wholehome Wi-Fi.  Depending upon thickness of walls and distance that system can work wirelessly but can also benefit from wired elements. 

The basic Tenda mesh Wi-Fi system that I offer can have a maximum of 6 units which will give decent coverage to most homes but if your home is larger than average there is another step.  At that point I will look at the mesh system that TP Link offer which can accommodate 50 units which have to be wired from a central point.  If you would like to talk to me about any of this equipment then please either email me on allmodcomms@gmail.com or call me on 07940 817925.

I am York based so if you are some distance away I may add petrol costs onto any charges.