Unfortunately my customer had simply been trimming the Ivy around their house and had snipped the wire leading from their 4G aerial and instantly they were without broadband.   The customer was mindful of the fact that with the 4G router at one end of the house the wireless signal did not cover the entire house and this would be a great opportunity to alter things.  The first thing that I did was reroute the cut cable into the room below the aerial as this was where the Wi-Fi dead spot was.  Having pushed the cable through a hole that I had predrilled I proceeded to terminate a Cat5e RJ45 plug on the end of the cable.  Normally when you make up such a cable it is terminated to a standard wiring configuration as per the diagram at the bottom left of this table.  I did so and then plugged the cable into the 4G router and it didn't work!I doubted that my termination was wrong as with the pull through connectors that I use you can check and double check the order and ensure that it is correct.  So at this point I went to the location that the 4g router had lived before the cable was cut.  The terminations on the plug did not look right and I cut the end of the cable off so that I could see what had been done.  The plug below is fanned out to indicate which wire is terminated where.  Just to explain the RJ45 plug numbers from 1 to 8 from left to right.  So the terminations below did not follow any termination convention.  No wonder the 4G router didn't work.  I took a look at the aerial but found it was located so that I couldn't actually release the RJ45 plug terminated at that end of the cable.  The right thing to do would have been to reterminate the plug in the aerial in the same order to the plug that I had just terminated but as I couldn't get to it I chopped off my newly terminated plug and wired up a new plug to the crazy spec below.  But at least the 4G router started to work properly.   So two wrongs in this case did make it right.

Having gotten the 4G router working again I proceeded to run a cable to the other end of the building where the 4G router had originally been placed.  I planned to position the Wireless access point that I was going to install on the first floor landing which was the best position to distribute the Wi-Fi from.  In order to do that I had to run my cable around the building ensuring it was well above the Ivy to avoid any future mishaps.  I also had to run the gauntlet of the House Martin nests located under the roof of the building and the droppings strewn beneath the various nests.  Eventually I had finished cabling and once connected up the whole house had Wi-Fi.  I like a happy ending to a story.